Buzz Saw RT

The high quality rubber compound that used in the Buzz Saw R/T is similar to the rubber compound used in high-speed radi...

$121.95 - $165.95

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Rip Saw RT

The Rip-Saw RT is an extreme terrain aggressive radial. A deep tread pattern cleans out well in mud and offers great tra...

$132.95 - $219.95

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The ultra lightweight Cyclone sand tires bring traction, flotation, predictable turning and sidehilling to a new level....

$54.95 - $95.95

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Mud Rebel

Designed for the aggressive mud and utility ATV rider or UTV driver, the Sedona Mud Rebel tire performs incredible in mu...

$70.95 - $131.95

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Mud Rebel RT

The Mud Rebel R/T takes it to the next level with 8-ply, heavy-duty radial construction to offer stability and control....

$127.95 - $179.95

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Mudda Inlaw

Do you like MUD?! The Mudda Inlaw is the only deep lug, 8-ply, puncture resistant, RADIAL mud tire available. This tire...

$226.95 - $265.95

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Buzz Saw XC

Side by sides and ATVs are getting larger, faster and more demanding. The Buzz Saw X/C is designed, tested, and built to...

$137.95 - $174.95

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The Bazooka MX/X-Country features 4 ply construction and a race-grade high-silica rubber compound that offers incredible...

$68.95 - $106.95

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The MX887IT is an ideal intermediate to hard terrain tire with its rigid 4-ply carcass design that helps reduce sidewall...

$33.95 - $94.95

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The MX880ST features an intermediate/soft terrain compound ideal for sand and mud. The MX880ST offers performance withou...

$51.95 - $90.95

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MX907HP Hard-Pack Terrain

The MX907HP features a compound designed for blue-groove hard-pack terrain traction. A cross-patch tread design provides...

$68.95 - $97.95

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Dunatik Sand Paddle

The Dunatik gives you serious sand performance with its ultra-light carcass and paddle design. It gives serious dune per...

$85.95 - $89.95

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Designed specifically for today’s performance UTV’s and ATV’s. The Sedona Rock-A-Billy radial tire has been proven as a...

$169.95 - $234.95

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Split 6 Beadlock Wheel

The Split 6 is our newest true beadlock wheel to hit the Sedona product line. From racing to recreation this wheel is bu...

$157.95 - $219.95

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Spyder Wheel

The Spyder wheel is manufactured from aluminum with a stealthy black finish. Rugged hardened construction to withstand a...

$97.95 - $134.95

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Storm Wheel

High-strength aluminum with polished black accents, these Storm ATV/UTV wheels are sleek, lightweight and strong.

$97.95 - $134.95

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Storm Beadlock Wheel

Need a true race-inspired beadlock wheel that will stand up to the punishment of the Mint 400? Our duel-drilled beadlock...


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Riot Wheel

Disturb the norm with Sedona’s Riot Wheel. Available in a wide range of sizes and offset this wheel is sure to cause a r...

$99.95 - $164.95

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Viper Wheel

High-strength aluminum with polished black accents, these ATV/UTV wheels are sleek, lightweight and strong.

$97.95 - $122.95

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ATV Tubes

$13.95 - $28.95

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Rukus Wheel

Cause a RUKUS with Sedona’s RUKUS wheels! Customize your Sedona Rukus wheels to match the color of your machine color wi...

$154.95 - $164.95

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ATV/UTV Dunatik

Looking for a lightweight, high-performance sand tire for your UTV? Look no further! We focused on building a sand tire...

$139.95 - $149.95

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Chopper Wheel

Looking for a super clean high-gloss wheel? The NEW Sedona Chopper wheel is available in all black or with machined blad...


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Hollow Point Wheel

Originally designed as the perfect non-beadlock wheel to go along with our Sedona Duntik UTV sand tires, the Sedona Holl...

$159.99 - $169.95

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Sparx Wheel

The ALL-NEW Sedona SPARX wheel is an 8-Spoke design featuring an automotive quality Satin-Black painted finish and a mac...

$144.95 - $169.95

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One of the newest tires to hit the Sedona tire line up! The Sedona Coyote tire offers incredible traction and performanc...

$89.95 - $165.95

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Rukus Wheel Inserts

The perfect way to customize your Rukus Wheel. These inserts come in multiple colors that can be easily swapped out to...


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