Storm Beadlock Wheel

Need a true race-inspired beadlock wheel that will stand up to the punishment of the Mint 400? Look no further! Our Storm Beadlock wheel continues to be one of the most popular choices amongst competitors in races like the Mint 400, K.O.H. and many more.

  • Classic 8 spoke design
  • Constructed out of heavy duty A356 aluminum, 6061 beadlock ring, with US made Grade 8 zinc beadlock hardware included
  • Ever had a bolt snap off inside of a beadlock hole on your wheel? Our Dual-drilled beadlock design enables the beadlock ring to be rotated in either direction providing a secondary set of holes in the event of a snapped bolt than cannot be removed.
  • Engineered to be one of the strongest wheels available
  • Available in both Satin Black/Machined and Bronze finishes
  • Includes a satin black snap-in cap with embossed Sedona S Chrome logo
  • For thicker beaded tires, beadlock ring spacers are available to ensure proper ring seating
  • Available in both 14” diameters for most ATV/UTV bolt patterns

$224.95 - $243.95

Part # Wheel Size Pattern True Offset Industry Offset Finish Color Price
570-1176 14 in. x 7 in. 4/110 +10 mm 5+2 Satin Black $243.95
570-1177 14 in. x 7 in. 4/115 +10 mm 5+2 Satin Black $224.95
570-1178 14 in. x 7 in. 4/137 +10 mm 5+2 Satin Black $243.95
570-1179 14 in. x 7 in. 4/156 +5 mm 4+3 Satin Black $243.95