Standard Motorcycle Tubes

  • Moto rubber tube valve stems TR-4 TR-6 TR-13 TR-87 TR-15
  • Constructed of ultra high grade synthetic and natural rubber for long life and pinch resistance
  • Strong 2mm thickness
  • Top quality at an economical price
  • Talcum powder coated for easy installation
  • Rigid, attractive box for easy stacking


WPS Part #Tire Inner DiameterWidthStem TypePrice
87-00908 Inch4 InchTR-87 JS-244A9.95
87-00988 Inch4 InchTR-138.95
87-00998 Inch3 InchTR-87 JS-244A7.95
87-01048 Inch3.5 Inch/4 InchTR-48.95
87-010710 Inch2.5 Inch/2.75 InchTR-87 JS-244A7.95
87-010910 Inch2.75 Inch/3 InchTR-87 JS-244A7.95
87-011010 Inch2.5 Inch/2.75 InchTR-46.95
87-011310 Inch2.75 Inch/3 InchTR-47.95
87-011410 Inch3.5 Inch/4 InchTR-87 JS-244A9.95
87-011510 Inch3.5 Inch/4 InchTR-87 JS-244A9.95
87-011710 Inch3 Inch/3.25 InchTR-87 JS-244A8.95
87-011810 Inch4 Inch/4.5 InchTR-87 JS-244A12.95
87-011912 Inch2.5 Inch/2.75 InchTR-46.95
87-012012 Inch3.5 Inch/3 InchTR-47.5
87-012112 Inch3 Inch/3.25 InchTR-87 JS-244A7.95
87-012614 Inch2.5 Inch/2.25 InchTR-47.95
87-012814 Inch2.75 Inch/3 InchTR-49.95
87-013014 Inch3.5 Inch/3.25 InchTR-410.95
87-013114 Inch4.1 Inch/3.6 InchTR-411.95
87-014015 Inch140 Mm/150 MmTR-418.95
87-014116 Inch3.5 Inch/4 InchTR-412.95
87-014216 Inch2.5 Inch/2.25 InchTR-48.95
87-014416 Inch2.75 Inch/3 InchTR-412.95
87-014616 Inch3.5 Inch/3.25 InchTR-412.95
87-014715 Inch170 MmTR-419.95
87-014816 Inch4 Inch/4.5 InchTR-418.95
87-014916 Inch5 Inch/5.1 InchTR-13 SIDE18.95
87-015016 Inch5 Inch/5.1 InchTR-6 SIDE16.95
87-015116 Inch5 Inch/5.1 InchTR-616.95
87-015216 Inch5 Inch/5.1 InchTR-1516.95
87-015417 Inch2.5 Inch/2.25 InchTR-48.95
87-015617 Inch2.75 Inch/3 InchTR-410.95
87-015717 Inch3 Inch/3.25 InchTR-410.95
87-015817 Inch3.5 Inch/3.25 InchTR-411.95
87-015917 Inch4 Inch/4.5 InchTR-414.95
87-016017 Inch5.1 Inch/4.5 InchTR-414.95
87-016317 Inch3.5 Inch/4 InchTR-413.95
87-016418 Inch2.5 Inch/2.75 InchTR-410.95
87-016518 Inch2.5 Inch/2.25 InchTR-410.95
87-016618 Inch2.75 Inch/3 InchTR-411.95
87-016818 Inch3.5 Inch/3.25 InchTR-411.95
87-017018 Inch3.5 Inch/4 InchTR-413.95
87-017218 Inch4 Inch/4.5 InchTR-414.95
87-017418 Inch5 Inch/5.1 InchTR-417.95
87-017618 Inch5 Inch/5.1 InchTR-417.95
87-017719 Inch2.5 Inch/2.75 InchTR-49.95
87-017819 Inch2.75 Inch/3 InchTR-411.95
87-018119 Inch3 Inch/3.25 InchTR-412.95
87-018219 Inch3.5 Inch/3.25 InchTR-413.95
87-018319 Inch2.5 Inch/2.25 InchTR-49.95
87-018419 Inch100 Mm/110 MmTR-415.95
87-018519 Inch110 Mm/120 MmTR-416.95
87-018621 Inch2.75 Inch/3 InchTR-413.95
87-018821 Inch3.5 Inch/3.25 InchTR-414.95
87-019020 Inch90 MmTR-614.95
87-019316 Inch2.25 Inch/2 InchTR-47.95

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