Rip Saw RT

ATV mud tires for 4 wheelers and UTV Rip Saw R/T tire
  • ATV mud tires for 4 wheelers and UTV Rip Saw R/T tire
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Mud & Utility

Aggressive Radial Extreme-Terrain

The Rip-Saw RT is an extreme terrain aggressive radial. A 1-1/8 inch deep tread pattern cleans out well in mud and offers great traction and long lasting wear in all types of extreme terrain.

  • 6 ply heavy duty, radial construction offers stability, a smooth ride and absorbs the impact in extreme trail conditions
  • Tread pattern wraps onto the sidewall to increase traction in deep-rutted and muddy conditions
  • 1 1/8” deep aggressive tread pattern that cleans out well in mud and offers great traction in all types of extreme terrain
  • Available in several popular sizes

Terrain Chart
  • Deep Mud
  • Mud
  • Trail
  • Hard Pack
  • Rock
  • Sand


WPS Part #SizeOuter DiameterInner DiameterWidthLeft/RightBias/RadialPlyInflated PressureLoad Index WeightPrice
25x8R-1225 Inch12 Inch8 InchLeft/rightRadial67 Psi43-342 Lbs26.90 Lbs132.95
26x9R-1226 Inch12 Inch9 InchLeft/rightRadial67 Psi49-408 Lbs32.60 Lbs159.95
26x9R-1426 Inch14 Inch9 InchLeft/rightRadial68 Psi72-783 Lbs30.00 Lbs156.95
27x9R-1427 Inch14 Inch9 InchLeft/rightRadial67 Psi50-414 Lbs30.20 Lbs162.95


WPS Part #SizeOuter DiameterInner DiameterWidthLeft/RightBias/RadialPlyInflated PressureLoad Index WeightPrice
26x11R-1226 Inch12 Inch11 InchLeft/rightRadial67 Psi55-481 Lbs38.40 Lbs179.95
26x11R-1426 Inch14 Inch11 InchLeft/rightRadial68 Psi80-992 Lbs36.20 Lbs174.95
27x11R-1427 Inch14 Inch11 InchLeft/rightRadial67 Psi56-494 Lbs37.00 Lbs184.95


WPS Part #SizeOuter DiameterInner DiameterWidthLeft/RightBias/RadialPlyInflated PressureLoad Index WeightPrice
25x10R-1225 Inch12 Inch10 InchLeft/rightRadial67 Psi50-414 Lbs31.70 Lbs152.95
26x10R-1226 Inch12 Inch10 InchLeft/rightRadial67 Psi52-441 Lbs34.60 Lbs169.95
28x10R-1428 Inch14 Inch10 InchLeft/rightRadial88 Psi59-536 Lbs36.50 Lbs207.95

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  • Wayne Marr

these tires hook up like nothing else out there for a trail tire and u will love

  • JZ

Awesome tire, but needs to be a 28" and 29" version offered.

  • Tim Condo

Bought a 2014 can-am maverick x-rs 1000r with maxxis big horn 2.0 tires as stock. Ran em through all kinds of terrain,wooded trails, hard pack and sharp rocks. Numerous punctures, plugs, and hot patches. Did some research for tires, came across these Sedona Rip Saws and put em through all the same trails and speeds and more. Things i use to avoid with the maxxis big horns i DON'T avoid with the rip saws, these tires will RIP through ANYTHING!! All that and not a mark on the tires!! Sedona Rip Saws are #1 in my book!! I will put them on all future vehicles.

  • Cannon

I'm 13 and have a polaris ace. These tires not only stood out and raised the height of my ace the traction was great! I would highly recommend these

  • Rich McWhirter

Absolutely the Best UTV / ATV tire on the market. I have had mine on both my RZR 800's for 3 years now and they barely show any ware and don't even need to be replaced anytime soon. I have had ITP tire and stock tires and had to plug all them. I have never once had to plug one of these and the traction & Ride is out of this world ! I will never put another tire on anything I own !

  • Clay Cooper

26x9-12 rubs, I need a 26x8r-12 for my 2012 Outlander Max 800R LTD


  • D Redmond

Just purchased my second set of RipSaws.. Awesome tire. Excellent traction in and over anything... the only thing these may not beat is your own fear. Upgraded to 27 inch 14's from the 26 12's. My first set had over 3000 miles on them with only about 25% wear. No plugs No cuts and only a couple of scratches. I shredded 1 set of Carlisle 489's, 1 set Intergo Swamp Lites in about 200 miles.. Needed to find a indestructible tire.. and well I found it..

These tires have the capability to essentially out last your machine.


Just mounted a brand new set of Sedona Rip Saws and Sedona Spyder wheels on my brand new 2015 Polaris 570 EPS. I used the 26-12 versions on my machine. Huge weight difference from stock which shows up in the performance end of the machine. +or- weigh in at around 154lbs total. Awesome tire other wise. I have them on my Ranger 800EFI also. Perfect!

  • Big Daddy

Put these on a 2007 Honda Rubicon. I can't believe the improvement in the mud. I now walk thru areas that challenged the Rubi before. Can't wait to see how they do in the snow in northern PA.