MX907HP HARD TERRAIN packed dirt tire
  • MX907HP HARD TERRAIN packed dirt tire
  • The MX907HP is a Sport and Race hard pack tire
Dirt Bike

The MX907HP features a compound designed for blue-groove hard-pack terrain traction. A cross-patch tread design provides a larger contact patch that maximizes both in-line and cornering traction.

  • Multi-knob tread technology assures a large footprint
  • Siped and dimpled knobs add more bite-edges for the ultimate in traction
  • Rigid 4 ply carcass enhances stability and absorbs impacts

Terrain Chart
  • Deep Mud
  • Mud
  • Trail
  • Hard Pack
  • Rock
  • Sand


WPS Part #SizeInner DiameterWidthAspect RatioTube TypePlyPrice
80/100-2121 Inch80 mm100Tube468.95


WPS Part #SizeInner DiameterWidthAspect RatioTube TypePlyPrice
110/100-1818 Inch110 mm100Tube491.95
120/90-1818 Inch120 mm90Tube496.95
100/90-1919 Inch100 mm90Tube485.95
110/90-1919 Inch110 mm90Tube491.95
120/80-1919 Inch120 mm80Tube497.95

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  • JP

This is the best tire I have used. I run a 2001 XR650R at high altitude. I spend a lot of time on hard rocky trails, and climbing steep, hard packed single track. This tire is like glue. So far, it has also outlasted any previous tire I've tried. The tire is firm and heavy and despite some serious abuse this past summer, it's still at 90%. I will easily run this tire another couple of years.

  • Tom Miyao

the mx 907 is the best rear tire i have ever used. the grip out here in the so cal deserts changing conditions is second to none! from mountain shale, to flatland sand washes. I'm completely sold on this tire. as for the price, well let me two please! i have a factory ride with a major tire company, and i sneak these on my bike. when my year is up, i will be contacting sedona for sure!!!

  • Hawaii Trail Rider

Used this tire in Hawaiis hard packed clay, mud and flowing river crossings. This tire does really well. Edges round fast but the tire still grabs somehow even under water it grabs slippery rocks for traction. I compare it to the pirelli MT 16. This tire has a softer compound for better traction.

  • Zen Pro Racing

the MX907 has played an integral part in our podium placings while racing in Baja...its tire profile and extraordinary compounds provide long-lasting endurance through one of the worlds most toughest tearrains- truly "Second to NONE!"

  • Bobby

Great tire in 120-90-18 does really good in all conditions and handles asphalt nicely. Sendona if you want to triple your tire sells makenthisntire dot approved and a 140-80-18 the 120 is a touch small for a open classer

  • Zen Pro Racing

the MX907 undoubtedly has been the best performance tire our team has used and assisted us in several championship wins in the unforgiving rugged terrain of BAJA! Truly the best profile hands down!

  • Kevin Pritchard

I have a Honda 450r that just shreads through tires on hard compound and rocky terrain. The Sedona MX907HP is by far the best tire I have ever used. I had my first ride on it yesterday and its impressive on how much traction there is. But if your on asphalt it does move side to side due to its tread layout. I have the matching front MX 907 as well but have not installed it yet due to back order. I'll give a review as soon as I get it. Great job on the tire Sedona.