Sedona MX887IT intermediate terrain dirt bike tire
  • Sedona MX887IT intermediate terrain dirt bike tire
  • The MX887IT is an affordable all-terrain cheap dirt bike tire
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Dirt Bike

The MX887IT is an ideal intermediate to hard terrain tire with its rigid 4-ply carcass design that helps reduce sidewall flex for a more planted feel.

  • Reversible tread pattern
  • Works in intermediate to hard terrain
  • Dimpled transition knobs for added bite
  • Symmetrical tread pattern
  • 4 ply carcass construction
  • Dual compound tread offers best traction and wear

Terrain Chart
  • Deep Mud
  • Mud
  • Trail
  • Hard Pack
  • Rock
  • Sand


WPS Part #SizeInner DiameterWidthAspect RatioTube TypePlyPrice
70/100-1717 Inch70 mm100Tube451.95
70/100-1919 Inch70 mm100Tube458.95
80/100-2121 Inch80 mm100Tube467.95
2.5-1010 Inch2.5 inchTube433.95
60/100-1414 Inch60 mm100Tube436.95


WPS Part #SizeInner DiameterWidthAspect RatioTube TypePlyPrice
90/100-1414 Inch90 mm100Tube459.95
90/100-1616 Inch90 mm100Tube464.95
110/100-1818 Inch110 mm100Tube489.95
120/90-1818 Inch120 mm90Tube494.95
100/90-1919 Inch100 mm90Tube483.95
110/90-1919 Inch110 mm90Tube489.95
120/80-1919 Inch120 mm80Tube493.95
2.75-1010 Inch2.75 inchTube435.95
80/100-1212 Inch80 mm100Tube446.95

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  • Jeff Arnold

I put these tires on my 06' yz250 and my 07' cr500af, also on my daughters 02' yz125, they work well on hard packed tracks, the only reason I didnt give five stars is due to the sidewalls, they are made out of too hard a compound, making it hard to install, and with more flex would make the tire have a better footprint for better traction in and out of the corners.

  • Jeff Arnold

Update, ive done alot of testing in the last month with this tire, i have found with the 4 ply sidewalls the tire needs to be ran at 11psi for really good traction, and i havent had a flat. Over 40 class a rider.