Mudda Inlaw

Super swamper deep mud agressive mudda tire In-Law
  • Super swamper deep mud agressive mudda tire In-Law
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Mud & Utility

Do you like MUD?! The Mudda Inlaw is the only deep lug, 8-ply, puncture resistant, RADIAL mud tire available. This tire offers an exceptionally smooth ride and long wear for such an aggressive tire. Mount up the most aggressive mud tire in the Sedona tire lineup and get out there and get dirty with the Mudda InLaw!

  • 2" deep center lug increases to 2-1/4" at the outside edge to paddle you through mud pits quickly
  • Ultra Strong 8-ply Radial carcass
  • Tread design wraps down sidewall deep paddling traction
  • Puncture resistant, aggressive mud tread pattern offers exceptional deep mud traction, self cleaning, and is relatively smooth running on transfer sections

Terrain Chart
  • Deep Mud
  • Mud
  • Trail
  • Hard Pack
  • Rock
  • Sand


WPS Part #SizeOuter DiameterInner DiameterWidthLeft/RightBias/RadialPlyInflated PressureLoad Index WeightPrice
30x10R-1430 Inch14 Inch10 InchLeft/rightRadial88 Psi64-617 Lbs49.70 Lbs241.95
32x10R-1432 Inch14 Inch10 InchLeft/rightRadial88 Psi68-694 Lbs55.10 Lbs265.95
28x10R-1428 Inch14 Inch10 InchLeft/rightRadial88 Psi59-536 Lbs45.00 Lbs226.95

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Press Reviews
Sedona Introduces New Mudder Inlaw Tire - January 23, 2014

Any fans of mud riding and puns should appreciate Sedona’s newest tire – the Mudder Inlaw.


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  • Mike Yocham

Love these tires except they aren't true to size like everyone said they would be. Mine came in at 29".Definitely out perform terms easily. Smooth out as soon as you get moving.

  • William Edwards

I got to say I am very pleased about this tire. It was well worth the wait. I have tested these tires on rocks, hard pack coal,street and deep mud. They perform very well. I have the 30's on my brute force 750. They clean out very well in the deep mud. Very happy I didn't change my mind and get different tires.

  • Steve

Excellent tire, rides very smooth once you get passed a couple mph, they clean out very well and will crawl thru just about anything. Can't wait for the snow to fly so I can see what they can do. I guess if I had one complaint it would be they don't come in a 15" or 16" wheel.

  • Smiley

Just got a set of 30s yesterday. Rode through the night and I'm very impressed with the ride quality and how well they performed in the bad stuff. The look the price and the quality are far superior to many tires Ive had. Definitely worth it!

  • Bryan Gonzales

First off, the comments about "not riding smooth"? Hello! look at the tread, what are you expecting? That being said, because of the tread voids, they do have that "rumble strip" effect a low speeds on very hard packed conditions. But, get 'em up to speed and it quickly goes away. I've had mine on for about 8 months and they are a superb tire for nearly all conditions here in Alaska. The only time I've been concerned is in loose, or exposed, sharp rocks. I've had a couple of minor cuts and tears in the paddles when they're looking for traction. But, I remember what the intended use is so I really don't have any complaints.

  • John V.

i love my 32x10x14 mudder inlaws they pull better in the mud than any other tire. they handle great on the trails, they dont beat you to death like other mud tires on the hard pack. smooth riding tire. i just wish they would come out with some 34" tall and some 36" tall mudder inlaws