Mud Rebel

Mud Rebel by Sedona is a great atv tire for mud and utility work
  • Mud Rebel by Sedona is a great atv tire for mud and utility work
  • Aggressive atv mud tires MudRebel extreme Sedona UTV tire
  • Cheapest four wheeler mud tires reviews
  • All-terrain mud rebel great for off-road use
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Mud & Utility

Extreme All-Terrain

  • Aggressive tread design features angled lugs to achieve an exceptional level of traction
  • Great steering response and puncture resistance
  • 6 ply construction

Designed for the aggressive mud and utility ATV rider or UTV driver, the Sedona Mud Rebel tire performs incredible in mud and also handles dry trails and rocks with ease.

High-quality carcass materials allow for controlled inflated sizes that allow your vehicle to perform at its highest level of performance. The Mud Rebel also offers increased sidewall strength for puncture resistance and impact absorption while carrying heavy loads.

  • Aggressive angled tread design grips well in muddy or dry conditions and cleans out very well to keep on gripping in all conditions
  • Sidewall lugs are designed to offer added traction in deep ruts and through heavy mud conditions
  • Premium grade rubber offers a very long life and brings traction to new levels

Terrain Chart
  • Deep Mud
  • Mud
  • Trail
  • Hard Pack
  • Rock
  • Sand


WPS Part #SizeOuter DiameterInner DiameterWidthLeft/RightBias/RadialPlyInflated PressureLoad Index WeightPrice
25x8-1225 Inch12 Inch8.00 InchBothBias67 Psi43-342 Lbs19.80 Lbs92.95
24x8-1224 Inch12 Inch8.00 InchBothBias67 Psi43-342 Lbs16.80 Lbs85.95
26x9-1226 Inch12 Inch9.00 InchBothBias67 Psi49-408 Lbs22.50 Lbs105.95
27x10-1427 Inch14 Inch10 InchBothBias67 Psi54-467 Lbs27.60 Lbs136.95
25x10-1225 Inch12 Inch10 InchBothBias67 Psi50-414 Lbs23.80 Lbs113.95
25x11-1025 Inch10 Inch11 InchBothBias67 Psi53-454 Lbs25.80 Lbs118.95
26x10-1226 Inch12 Inch10 InchBothBias67 Psi56-494 Lbs25.80 Lbs121.95
26x12-1226 Inch12 Inch12 InchBothBias67 Psi58-520 Lbs28.00 Lbs130.95
27x12-1427 Inch14 Inch12 InchBothBias67 Psi60-551 Lbs31.30 Lbs149.95
24x9-1124 Inch11 Inch9.00 InchBothBias67 Psi45-363 Lbs20.70 Lbs99.95
22x11-922 Inch09 Inch11 InchBothBias67 Psi48-397 Lbs20.10 Lbs89.95
25x12-925 Inch09 Inch12 InchBothBias67 Psi50-414 Lbs22.80 Lbs111.95
22x8-1022 Inch10 Inch8.00 InchBothBias67 Psi36-276 Lbs14.90 Lbs76.95
22x11-1022 Inch10 Inch11 InchBothBias67 Psi47-386 Lbs19.40 Lbs92.95
23x8-1023 Inch10 Inch8.00 InchBothBias67 Psi39-300 Lbs16.40 Lbs81.95
23x10-1023 Inch10 Inch10 InchBothBias67 Psi46-374 Lbs20.10 Lbs92.95
24x11-1024 Inch10 Inch11 InchBothBias67 Psi52-441 Lbs23.30 Lbs113.95
23x9-1123 Inch11 Inch9.00 InchBothBias67 Psi43-342 Lbs19.20 Lbs89.95
24x10-1124 Inch11 Inch10 InchBothBias67 Psi48-397 Lbs21.50 Lbs99.95

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