Sedona Cyclone atv sand tires with paddles to ride sand dunes
  • Sedona Cyclone atv sand tires with paddles to ride sand dunes
  • Run up the sand ridges sideways screaming like a banshee
  • Cyclone four wheeler sand dune tires cheap banshee tires
  • Dune paddle tires the cheapest discount sand tires for UTV and ATV
  • Banshee this pattle tire up the dunes

The ultra lightweight Cyclone sand tires bring traction, flotation, predictable turning and sidehilling to a new level. The ultra lightweight rib front completes the Cyclone sand setup. The Cyclone is a proven sand dune tire with experience at major sand parks in the USA.

The premium rubber compound used in the Cyclone sand tire is part of the magic with this tire. The rubber is strong, yet flexible and lightweight, to bring a new level of traction while lasting a long time. The Cyclone sanddune tire works well in dry light sand, wet heavy sand, and even in volcanic sand.


  • Lightweight design
  • Alternating centered dual ribs for precise steering
  • Wheel not included


  • Large 8-paddle design
  • Back support ridges for controlled slides on ridge-back dunes
  • Reinforced paddle design adds strength to the paddle for long life and performance in hard, heavy, or wet sand conditions
  • Ultra lightweight carcass design allows for great flotation
  • Wheel not included (See Wheel/Tire Kits)

Terrain Chart
  • Deep Mud
  • Mud
  • Trail
  • Hard Pack
  • Rock
  • Sand


WPS Part #SizeOuter DiameterInner DiameterWidthLeft/RightBias/RadialPlyInflated PressureLoad Index WeightPrice
19x6-1019 Inch10 Inch6 InchLeft/rightBias24 Psi10-128 Lbs8.40 Lbs54.95
21x7-1021 Inch10 Inch7 InchLeft/rightBias24 Psi19-165 Lbs11.20 Lbs56.95


WPS Part #SizeOuter DiameterInner DiameterWidthLeft/RightBias/RadialPlyInflated PressureLoad Index WeightPrice
20x11-820 Inch8 Inch11 InchLeftBias24 Psi31-240 Lbs13.20 Lbs95.95
20x11-820 Inch8 Inch11 InchRightBias24 Psi31-240 Lbs13.20 Lbs95.95
20x11-920 Inch9 Inch11 InchLeftBias24 Psi31-240 Lbs13.40 Lbs95.95
20x11-920 Inch9 Inch11 InchRightBias24 Psi31-240 Lbs13.40 Lbs95.95
20x11-1020 Inch10 Inch11 InchLeftBias24 Psi30-234 Lbs12.80 Lbs95.95
20x11-1020 Inch10 Inch11 InchRightBias24 Psi30-234 Lbs12.80 Lbs95.95
22x11-1022 Inch10 Inch11 InchLeftBias24 Psi34-260 Lbs14.30 Lbs103.95
22x11-1022 Inch10 Inch11 InchRightBias24 Psi34-260 Lbs14.30 Lbs103.95

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  • Oregon Boy.

I have a 2008 TRX450r with a full system exhaust and the HRC kit in it. I STRONGLY recommend cyclone paddle tires if you are riding in the sand, they are the best tires i have ever bought for sand riding (other the 12 paddle haulers). ITP sand-stars cant even touch how well these tires preform in the sand.